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Expandent Morbus is a Multiplayer action game that simulates the life of medics during the epidemic of Bobavirus in one town.

Can you cure them all? That's the question you have to answer by playing the game. Expandent Morbus feature the fully working Multiplayer mode for 4 people in one room or Singleplayer mode.

The game includes 4 different characters you can play with. Every player has to play for one of them: 
1. Ambulance Driver - the character responsible for fast transportation
2. Doctor - the only character which can hospitalize the infected
3. Navigator - chief of every case as he chooses targets, finds new infected or can block part of the town with quarantine
4. Assistant - the character responsible for good team score by collecting items

The game is set in a small town where the unknown Bobavirus attacked. The only key to victory is a good teamwork - Navigator finds a target, Ambulance Driver transports his colleagues to the infected, Doctor hospitalizes patient, and Assistant collects items after hospitalization. 

Fear the light, embrace the darkness. That's another motto from our game. Streets are relatively empty as casual people are scared of the virus. But of course, some people have to move through the city. That's why you have to often do risky maneuvers on roads of the town as traffic is not stopped by the virus.

Be careful with your measures! Navigator can block roads and streets by setting up the quarantine. This may help your ambulance team to fastly move through the city. But the public anger will rise! Once the anger hits 100%, you will lose! Be careful also on your driving, injuring your patients won't save the town from the unknown infection.

Can you cure them all? Try the Expandent Morbus now! Invite your friends to the multiplayer or just switch between the characters in the singleplayer mode!

Install instructions

Run the Expandent Morbus Setup.exe, it will install the Expandent Morbus Launcher. Start the launcher and it will automatically download you the latest version of the game!


Expandent Morbus Setup.exe 6 MB

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